Dominique et Remy PASSOT

The source, grapes


Domaine PASSOT has 21 plots of vineyards divided as follows: 51% appellation Chiroubles, 25% appellation Morgon, 9% Viognier, 8% appellation Fleurie, 7% appellation Régnié.

4 red crus Beaujolais CHIROUBLES –FLEURIE - MORGON - REGNIE, produced with the utmost attention. Our domaine's small plots allow us to make extremely personalized wines.

We have used sustainable agriculture methods for many years and our vineyards are 25% grass-seeded. Shredded vine shoots provide organic material in winter and if needed, we add a natural complement. Radical, careful pruning is often the secret to obtaining good grapes. For a period of about 10 days, manual harvesting allows us to select the finest bunches with the help of a team of 25 grape pickers from all over.

Winemaking takes place in cement and stainless steel vats, all equipped with permanent installations to regulate the temperature, an imperative for correctly managing fermentation.

Aged in vats or oak barrels that hold 225 liters, our crus are bottled or packaged in bag in boxes after Easter, according to tradition. Our crus are mostly sold in France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, England and the United States, where they have loyal amateurs.

In 2010, we planted 0.52 ha of Viognier at the Domaine PASSOT. Why Viognier? Because we like this type of wine with its pear, peach and quince flavors that is currently rare to find in Beaujolais, and also, we had no white wines among our crus, so why not indulge ourselves! Domaine PASSOT's new wine was so successful, that we planted an additional 0.42 ha of Viognier in 2014 in hopes that it will satisfy the numerous requests!

Since 2014, Domaine PASSOT also offers a Bourgogne Gamay, a secret assembly of the Domaine's red crus that is aged 12 months in oak barrels to produce new fragrances and aromas that are very sure to taste it.

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