Dominique et Remy PASSOT

The House of Rémy Passot & Son


Wine-grower, Wine-merchant, Wine-maker…

Three terms that deserve a little explanation…


House of Passot

In 1989 I set up as a wine-grower in Chiroubles; in 1996 my wife Dominique decided to join me to support me in developing our production.
Marketing all our own wines has always been our ambition, but it takes time, patience, and perseverance.

As times has gone one, we’ve improved our working methods with the aim of producing high-quality wines – a task that has been recognized by our increasingly numerous customers.
The expansion of our range is continuing with the planting of “Viognier” vines, a new Bourgogne Gamay wine, and lastly our famous “Coup de Bulles”.

Wine-growing is not an easy profession, but our youngest son Simon is passionate about the wine-growing sector and wanted to join us on the Domaine. Following his studies in first viticulture-œnology and then commerce, two choices were open to us: expand by taking over new vineyards; or move towards buying in grapes (or wine) to resell…


The House of Rémy Passot & Son

In 2015, we set up the House of Rémy Passot & Son and went for both options, significantly expanding the Domaine with new vineyards and buying in grapes, to vinify ourselves, from other wine-growers, chosen for the quality of their grapes and their professionalism. Henceforth, all the grapes produced on the Domaine Passot are sold to the House of Rémy Passot & Son, which vinifies them and matures and markets the wines.

Setting up the House of Rémy Passot & Son made it possible for us to survive the hail that destroyed 85% of the harvest in 2016, and devastating new storms in 2017, where 50% of our production was lost.

We are Wine-Growers. We cultivate 11 hectares of vines and we are Wine-makers and merchants, since the Domaine vinifies, matures, and markets all of the grapes from the Domaine, representing about 90% of our business, along with those from other wine-growers, accounting for the remaining 10%.


The House of Rémy Passot & Son has the heart of a Family Firm; Dominique, Simon, and I would be delighted for you to come and learn about our Domaine!