Dominique et Remy PASSOT

The Passot's story




The Passot's story

Once upon a time……


Georges and Andrée Roux, winegrowers in Régnié Durette, had 5 children. Dominique, the youngest daughter, wanted to be a hairdresser since she was a teenager and solemnly stated that she would never marry a winegrower.

René and Marie-Claude Passot, winegrower in Chiroubles and manager at the Château de Raousset, had 4 children. Rémy, also the youngest in his family, dreamed of becoming a fireman, a garage owner, an airplane pilot, an astronaut until it became obvious that his future was in the vineyards and in winemaking.


Georges and Andrée ROUX, Octobre 25th, 1952



In 1989, under the influence of a good bottle of wine, Dominique married Rémy, a very young winegrower...(never say never). The small Domaine Passot then had vineyards that were rented in share farming. Later, they purchased a few vineyards bringing the total area to 5 hectares.


In the meantime, Dominique left hairdressing to help Rémy with all of the winegrowing tasks and to develop their domaine. Félix, Simon and Marie-Lou were born over the years.



René and Marie-Claude PASSOT, September 7th, 1953



2014 was a big turning point for the Domaine Passot! The owners of the vineyard where Dominique et Rémy worked in addition to their Domaine PASSOT, (SCEA de RAOUSSET – CHATEAU de RAOUSSET), wanted to sell their vineyards...Dominique and Rémy didn't want to miss the opportunity and decided to create a Groupement Foncier Viticole (Financial Group for Wine production) to purchase 6 ha of vineyards for 3 crus with family and friends: Chiroubles – Fleurie – Morgon bringing the total area of the Domaine PASSOT to 11 ha. The GFV de Léon was founded, the beginning of a wonderful story……





Dominique and Rémy PASSOT in the vineyards, 2014


2017 the family grows!!! Félix married Marine, whom we welcomed to the PASSOT family, Simon joined the Domaine PASSOT, and Marie-Lou prepared for her driving test.  

Felix et Marine PASSOT 2017

Marine and Félix PASSOT, 2017


2019 the team of Maison PASSOT Rémy et Fils complete…  


In short, there is a lot of happiness in Chiroubles!