Dominique et Remy PASSOT

The winery




Dominique and Rémy PASSOT created their own Domaine in 1989, becoming the fifth generation of winemakers. Then, their two sons, Simon and Felix joined them in 2017 and 2018 on the Domaine, thus being the sixth generation! The head office is located in Chiroubles in the heart of the BEAUJOLAIS crus.

The Indian proverb that says "The land is not a gift from our parents, it is our children who lend it to us" pretty much sums up our way of thinking. The job of winegrower is a complete job, sometimes hard on us, but nature offers us the supreme reward for the harvest. Dominique, Rémy, Félix and Simon are committed to producing authentic and unadorned wines, but also to making people discover their fabulous region of Beaujolais. Either way, the truth is in the bottle and wine is all about enjoying yourself!

Grape varieties, cultivation method and certification:
All red and rosé wines are produced with the Gamay noir à jus blanc grape variety. The white wines are produced with the Viognier and Chardonnay grape varieties. A few years ago, we started restructuring our vines. Indeed, the current planting density does not allow us to be in line with current farming methods and our vision of the future. From 10000 vines per hectare (1m x 1m) we restructure our vines to 6250 vines per hectare (2m x 0.80m). This drastic change allows us to eliminate herbicides, grass our rows, reduce our production costs through mechanization and have healthier grapes. Every year between 0.5 and 1 hectare is restructured. The estate has been HVE 3 certified since 2019 after having been in sustainable cultivation for more than 20 years.

Vinification and ageing:
All our grapes are harvested by hand, by a team of around 20 seasonal workers. At the vatting, the grapes are de-stemmed or not depending on the vintage and the type of wine that we are going to vinify. Vinification is done without sulphur. The start of fermentation has been ensured for several years by "a starter". This method has the effect of respecting our own terroirs and producing even more personalized wines. Total temperature control ensures vinification without excess. The pressings are done with a pneumatic press to once again not "martyrize" the grapes and extract gently. The wines can be aged, depending on the cuvées, in barrels, stainless steel vats or in concrete vats with a food coating.

Packaging & marketing:
We carry out all our packaging ourselves, in BIBs and bottles in all possible formats, which allows us to be very responsive even to specific requests. We market 30 to 40% for export depending on the year. In France, our sales are made at the cellar, during private tastings, at fairs, on the internet, at CHR, via agents, or even in mass distribution.